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DIY Dry-brushed Wooden Furniture | Asian Paints Live Stylishly

Do you have boring wooden furniture lying in your house? Add some colour to the furniture lying in your room and up its style quotient with this cool DIY technique! This furniture painting technique will transform your carved wood furniture into a classic statement piece.

Live Stylishly is a series of inspiring home décor tips, tricks and ideas that will help you transform your home. Watch these quick videos to create the beautiful home you’ve always wanted.

WoOod – A Community APP for Panel, Furniture, Wood & Timber

WoOod is a specialized App for building one-stop community for Panel, Furniture, Wood & Timber businesses. To leverage the best from online community minus the clutter is what woOod promises to deliver. woOod is about crisp, clear business communication with people who matter in your business. On completion, woOod will have features that are needed for todays panel & Furniture manufacturing industry & trade.
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‘Aspires’ Timber Art on the Streets – Bolted and Ready

Watch ‘Aspires’ Timber Art on the Streets – Bolted Up Ready To Go by Colorado Springs wood and metal artist Mitchell Dillman for a detailed weekly video update.

Mitchell uses locally harvested ‘Colorado Wildfire Wood’ to create many types of modern-rustic furniture, fixtures and decor. He uses all the scraps and cut-offs to make wood and metal art.

This video documents Mitchell’s recent preparations for the 2017-18 Downtown Colorado Springs Art on the Streets where he will be displaying his first public art, ‘Aspires’, a 14′ tall timber and steel sculpture.

Learn more about Mitchell’s milling and woodworking operation at

Make your own log furniture using Mitchell’s detailed furniture blueprints and complete furniture kits.

From Drawer to Shelf Unit Part 2 – Upcycling Furniture Project

The second and final instalment of the Drawer to Shelf Unit build see’s all the finishing touches come together and varnish applied. This is a fairly simple DIY shelf project and will satisfy your craving for upcycling furniture (if you have such cravings).

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DIY Coffee Table | Wooden Crates

My Husband and I found a photo of this DIY Coffee table going around the Internet, so we decided it would be a great DIY for our apartment. We spent a total of and that is a lot less than you would have to pay at any furniture store. The table has space for things to get stored within it, and you can personalize it with another color and by improvising the middle part of the table. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video. If you have any future video requests, you can leave it in the comments down below. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram!

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How to make an Epoxy Coffee Table

Epoxy coffee table

You will need:
A timber burl I used BlackButt, Aldax clear cast 24hr epoxy resin, True blue pigment, Interference blue pigment, Z-poxy 5 minute epoxy resin, masking tape, hair dryer, blow torch and hairpin legs.

If you don’t have access to a Finishing Sander. A belt sander with 60-80 grit paper will work just fine but make sure you don’t sand in one spot for too long!

How to make hair pin legs:

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