Paul Spriggs | Furniture Maker at The Gloucestershire Guild Of Craftsmen

Paul Spriggs:
“As an architectural student I wrote a dissertation on Ernest Gimson, a disciple of William Morris who lived and worked at Sapperton near Cirencester around a century ago. His work was already familiar to me through a family connection. His chairs interested me; I thought of them as a starting point for my own designs, for which I was sure there was a market. I never set out to copy his work, but rather to absorb the spirit of it and make my own stamp, with chairs and other furniture.

I have been a maker for over 30 years now and never regretted the change from architecture. I work in English hardwoods, ash and oak mainly, and harvest rushes for the chairs myself. In design and execution I try to apply that attention to detail that makes the work that bit special.

My work has been featured in various publications. It is mostly domestic, although I have helped furnish various churches, a cathedral and museums.”

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